Will my project get approve or sell? (under development)



Hello community. I’m working on a “GIF making” website. It will convert any Youtube’s video into a GIF.

Link: http://bluecometdesigns.com/

Please let me know what you think and will it sell in the market?
Also, what would you like to see in the final product?



When you create gif, layout is messed up and Publish button does nothing. Also since it takes too much time to create a gif, maybe you should add option to send reminder on email once the gif is done, so user doesn’t have to wait on your site.


Thanks for your feedback. Yes, the layout is a mess… that I know (hence: underdevelopment). I should have ask… Will the CONCEPT get approve or will it sell.

Nice idea, I will add a notification event when the GIF is finish. I timed the conversion and it only took ~10sec to convert the video to a GIF. How long did it take for you?


It’s a good idea, I believe you’ll have some sales, but don’t expect to make lot of money with this.

I took 15 seconds of video, and I waited around 20-25 seconds, it’s not long, but still no one wants to sit and wait, that’s why I recommended notification.

Also make sure you include space for ads (this is the most important)