will it be approved by Themeforest ?

Here Is my new template "Brusia Creative Agency "
Plz give me review.

what do you think ?


Can U Give Me Preview

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Please allow few moments to check your item.

  1. Streched header images on Mac retina 5k.Try to zoom out the page. You will see streched images.

  2. If possible use some premium images.

  3. Too much lorem ipsum content. Add some real texts all over the theme.

  4. Too many colors on portfolio images. Try tp add some images in the same tone, effect.

  5. Again, too much lorem ipsum. Your pricing tables contains only lipsum content. Seems to be a bit unfinished.

  6. Be consistent with border radius of the buttons. Ref: contact call to action block

  7. Your contact for is a bit borring. Improve it

  8. Pass the w3validator tests

Hope this mini review helps you