Will i get approval of the design?

Please send me your valuable feedback for any change or anything. Thank


hi this is original, though , the global style is still a bit too simple at this stage, the date is not super readable and u have spacing issues in several areas … and ligament also when it comes to march tuesday …

I think it’s probably too simple to be considered a high end design for the Marketplace. Even if you had a subtle white texture, pattern, or even image in the background would make it much better.

Are the animals included with the item? If so, I’d do it differently. Having the opacity lowered on each on is an interesting idea, but the way it’s done makes it look really messy. If you’re going to do that, I would be sure to make it look clean and clear. It would be cool if you could find some way to make the intersecting areas look like different animals as well, though that will be very difficult to do.

You have a bunch of grammatical errors as well, which I understand may be due to English not being your first language, which is fine, but in this case the grammar needs to be perfect, otherwise potential buyers may not take the item seriously.

  • “Your Organization Present” = Presents
  • “…learn plenty of useful staff” = Stuff
  • “Details Go To” = For Details Go To
  • “NewYork” = New York (Two words)

The time under the date isn’t centered in the grey box, it should be moved up a pixel or two.

Find some way to add some more design elements, you could add some plant silhouettes to give it a more natural look, but not randomly all over the place. For example, the grey bar behind “New York Central Park”, cut off the ends so it’s closer to the text, then using the same colour add some small tree silhouettes that blend in/extend the ends of the bar. Try some other things as well, get creative with it.