Will Envato/Audiojungle Have A Problem With This??

I’ve uploaded a very short, encouraging & humorous song with vocals that I think has the potential to outsell anything else I’ve submitted so far, or at least give me a unique identity.

Here’s the question: if I post about it on various social media (Facebook - 986 friends, many thousands can be reached on Google+, my personal website, etc), something to the effect “Here’s my new Audiojungle tune. You need to buy this and send it to your family members/co-workers/friends” etc. etc. and I get quite a few first time buyers (a few probably just because we’re friends), will Audiojungle interpret that as gaming the system because I might have a bunch of first time buyers who suddenly appear to buy my song?

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I think everyone markets to their social media accounts. As long as you aren’t buying your own songs, I’m sure you are fine. I am in no way an authority on this, its just what i think. Good luck with sales

I don’t think Envato count that as gaming the system. Social media marketing is a good way to sell your items.