Will appreciate some feedback on orchestra track

Hi everyone, it seems there are lots of principles to making tracks particulary for AJ… I have been making epic tracks for some time (few years), with AJ i have gotten few approval and majority of rejection. I have this new track that i would like to submit, i try to keep it very simple to avoid complications, i really don’t know, would really appreciate some feedback.



Hi BrainchildMusic. This is a nice track that builds in excitement and anticipation very well. I did hear a couple of things that I wanted to share:

  • The piano in the intro sounded “boomy and/or murky” to me and really didn’t help the intro. One idea is to delete the piano in the intro. You might also consider a version without the intro and go right into the piece which would sound great as well.
  • The stick percussion in the last part sounds too close in the mix relative to the rest. Push those back and they should fit better.
  • The snare drum that followed the pause at the end sounded like a missed volume fade. You might consider having a quiet pause (no snare) for more dramatic effect.
  • The “wonky” arpeggio at the end does not fit in my opinion. If you used that throughout, you might consider deleting it for a cleaner orchestral presentation.

Hope this helps and good luck in the future!