Why you are rejected my work?


Hi Envato Market Team,

This is my second work iam uploaded in to envato market, both are rejected. I think that is better designs, then why you are rejected? could you please give me the reason for improving next project.

Project Preview:

Rejected Email:


I think that your typography see ugly sorry, your can use other fonts free https://www.google.com/fonts :slight_smile:



Hi Jeri,

Thank you for your reply.

I am sure, i not 100% perfect in designing, but this design typography is better than other projects in to Envato Market certificate category.


Did the reviewer offer any feedback on why they rejected it?

Was it soft rejected or hard rejected? I’m assuming maybe hard rejected?

Honestly, it looks fine to me in comparison to others I’ve seen.

How’s the actual item when editing it? Easy to navigate and edit/use?


Yes, its easy to edit and use, iam provided two different format .ai and .eps. both are 300dpi print quality. Fully editable text and free fonts.


hi indeed, if u ask me this is not bad the thing is that u have to much of a large association of typos and that they are not matching so well if u ask me … i guess that with some extra work in this way u can have your item re-uploaded and approved , at least i think so