Why you are rejected my work? please

hi hard to tell why exactly the thing was hards rejected because only the person who did knows for sure but I see a variety of reasons . First of all , do u realize that the preview is not selling at all in the first place? and that the preview is an interface between you and your work in one side and the reviewer and potential buyers in the other one. So, this should be impressive as much as possible and most importantly again this should at the very minimum value your work. This is not what happens here …there is no real displaying of decent size of your item. Besides, the preview, in addition, turns out to be very confusing insofar as there is material what is the product exactly … a mockup or a logo? from what we see here hard to figure out and I guess u can identify that this is not really good to have such an ambiguity form the beginning … anyway, as for I guess this is a logo and there are other things to say at this regard … the changing colors in the company name makes very little sense nd tends to alter the hierarchy of information out of establishing a hierarchy between both parts of a same thing …“brand” being definitely more visible and outstanding than “name” for matters of color and contrast. If u ask me, the imbrication is not exactly the right one and the name and tagline look disconnected from the illustration if placed as such. Otherwise, the typo is not having anything special , this is rather flat and quite frankly I believe that u could come up with something matching more the style of the illustration to ultimately generate more harmony. Finally as regard to the presentation and to further comment the preview thing. This type of bubble like organization doers not look good, does not value your product and is not even looking realistic as there is no scenery , no shadowing and so on , so that this looks too fake at this time. I guess u can also understand that putting white items on white background is not the best choice to create any relief …

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Hey hossamplus,

Is that a typo? Your preview says “solgan here” instead of “slogan here”.

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thank you