Why would he reject the item after he had a soft rejection and all he wanted was item description ؟؟

I have an item that has got a soft reject, and all that is required in this item, items description and when you modify this the author has replied unfortunately we found it isnt at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.

And this is not the first time anyone can explain this to me and help me with this problem thank you

Technical reasons for soft rejections are usually yes/no answers that take considerably less time to identify than quality reasons… so it makes sense to identify those first. Is there an item description, have you used the right watermark, have you included a help guide etc etc. So if you don’t tick the boxes in any of those areas then it will get soft rejected.

Once those issues are addressed, then the reviewer can judge the item based on the quality of its design, commercial appeal etc. There’s no point in reviewing all that kind of stuff if it can’t be approved anyway due to a technical issue.

Thank you
and how do I know what my problems are?

Bad colors, bad typography, this demo preview need spacing same 80px top and bottom all section, you need practice more for approved themeforest.