Why Will a post in the Forums here be Deleted

Hi All, Following up on why my item got deleted and landed upon a conversation and all of a suden the post just got deleted. Could someone explain to me if that should be done. Thank you.

Post Title: Low quality standard or theft of intellectual property? - Envato Forums

What was the post about?

Ignore me I found it - looks like it was from another profile using very different IP addresses

Looks like the post was edited and that discourse removed it automatically. Based on the above it may have been an automatic security thing.

Will see if I can find a way to reinstate it

Something security settings didn’t like about your link by the looks of things.

This axactly the post that got edited, thanks a lot for the help. and also is there a way to trace the evidence of having submitted an item for review since it has been hard rejeted and deleted from your submission panel ? in my case there is no history on my dashbord that indicates i have submitted two items that got deleted

If they have gone from submissions then that’s standard for hard rejections.

You can check your notifications to make sure email is switched on to be sure you get updates

Unfortunately if it’s hard rejected then you won’t get feedback and the best option is to post a demo/preview here for feedback

@front-end-0646 i see your fustration on this one because i had similar encounter that’s the reason i got redirected here in the first place. even though i just started to give selling here a shot by making two simple but relevant items only to be told it’s a nice idea but the quality is low and not too sure if the items will sell. After following coding standards to come up with something, scripts are here far too simple and full of bugs yet we cope with them. i barely use the items i purshase from here but mostly for learning purposes. I think fairness needs to be exercised here. and most importantly if rejected then should not be copied to any platform which am sure will not happen here on envato. it’s hard to write codes that work.

If you plan to try and sell here then this is a very important point - it’s not just about the code being good.

Approval depends on market suitability, potential sales, the competition, the value that an item offers buyers, the code, the design, execution, product experience eg documentation/presentation etc.

Add to this that envato are by a long long way the biggest and busiest marketplace around, these broader factors become increasingly relevant.

Simply for clarity - envato get (literally) thousands of submissions monthly, the majority of which are rejected.

It’s impossible to police the volume of submissions or files already for sale when envato do not own any of them, so inevitably some poorer quality items will get through on occasions, or some existing items may have bugs or need updating,

It’s also impossible to have definitive standards for creative production or development making subjectivity unavoidable.

However reviewers are not chosen lightly and will always be both experts in their field and have extensive knowledge and experience with the marketplace so ensure that they can make the most informed judgement.

I get that rejection is frustrating (we do sell items as part of another author team), although the vast vast majority of the time the reviewers decisions are right for one reason or cause or another weather that be due to code, features, completion or otherwise.

Without seeing your demos it’s impossible to advise on the potential cause of solutions, but again, if you do continue to try and sell here then these forums and several of the people who spend a great deal of time offering advice is a valuable asset.

In the meantime - there’s really no chance of the reviewers rejecting items with the intention of them then resubmitting. If an item is rejected then there’s no point even if (they wouldn’t) wanted to.

@charlie4282 i get your point and all well noted. but don’t you agree the reviewers might also be bias ? never the less am not done submitting items for review. i will definetly be doing so again, that’s why am here to understand what the platform is looking for. thanks for the heads’up.

Out of interest what do you think they would be biased about/based on?

I’d be really keen to see what you submitted here if you can post a link/preview esp if that helps demonstrate what they may have been biased about

i can go on to engage this further but permit me to throw in my towel, am not so paranoid of the fact that i got rejected, am here to understand and learn more but not to prove a point, it will do me no good to do so, i will appreciate it if we let this sleeping dogs lie. Thank you Moderator.