Why? Why is it rejected?



Hello! It seems to me that they reject our work, deliberately. Are they really tested by experienced designers? Or plumbers?

What do you think about my work? I fulfilled all the quality standards that they wrote on the form and I learned by heart their articles on quality.


hi i personally like your logo, i think that maybe u could make it a bit more punchy again by adding a gradient on part the shape (over the 3 shapes but only a section of them) so that u have more relief as well. Indeed, as for the choice of the typo, it may be discussed and typo is overwhelmingly important here … but i think this is harmonious and in keeping with the style u made …
id the fact that u did not introduce a tag line a “no-go” for teams reviewing, i do not know, but u may try to introduce one, i guess that would not hurt indeed
now you should be aware that the logo category was forgotten by many guys out of failing to have anything approved. It is judged “saturated” by envato , in addition, reviewing processes are far from being perfect until you ask yourself why this is accepted and this one that looks alike is not , and same goes for all categories indeed …


Hello! Thanks for helping. What line of the tag are you talking about? I do not know what is this!

Maybe you know what files are required to include in the template? I’m having problems saving the logo to the format EPS 10 !



tag line, indeed, this is the line in which u provide additional information apart from the name of the company … lcan be a slogan indeed, just like “just do it” for nike for instance

as for exporting in illustrator 10 i did not do for long as i was confronted to the same thing as many guys in the logo section, but as for i used to do, there was no problem at all to do it


Hello! I have the latest software installed in 2018. I see a way out to work with the .EPS 10 files, installing Illustrator 10 (there will be two illustrators on my computer, old and new.) I read their manual and it says that the tagline is not necessary.


This was also rejected!


if wanna know how i feel , all this is a joke and unless you manage to find a old timer that is having a prehistorical kind of computer, i do not know who actually need to have such an “ancient version” this is just useless …


yeah indeed, this is better with the tagline, your work looks more professional in my view :slight_smile:


no need to worry , hard rejections are all the time for almost all of us … no matter what is the section … no matter what are our skills and experience, and the logo category has always been one of the worst and one where incoherences are numerous …


in any case, I will continue to bombard them so that they accept me.


Rejection may be due to the design you have in common with the existing logo :smiley:


I’ll take this into consideration. Thank you!