why what is missing this time ??

Hi can you please explain me what is wrong with this design ? i try to make 2 size A4 & 4 by 4 but still rejected… if you can give me your honest feedback will be highly appreciated…

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Composition, hierarchy and alignments are off. As per hierarchy when you announce a football game the team names/logos and the title are the most important elements (they are celebrities). next is the date.

I just uploaded this. Let’s see if it’s approved or rejected.

Later edit: Approved

hi in the first place u cannot use logos like ufc and other stuffs like this … then, the stroke looks quite bad on central titles. Some texts are not contrasting enough and fail to pop out sufficiently , not to mention that some of them are even hardly readable ,like the website address. The spacing is not arranged properly all the way and that make u do something wrong with not only one (contrast) but three basic design principles , as spacing matters much and is part of it and that ultimately the alignment of some texts is done well all the way , as well … the hierarchy is not completely reaching the standards , too as not all of the most important parts are those which pop out the most …