Why were my two tracks "Rise" and "calmness in the air" rejected?

Hi Guys,

Can any of you have a listen to my track Rise and Calmness in the air? It got evaluated by audio jungle and was rejected. I’m not sure why this is the case. Any pointers would be really appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Rise Link: https://soundcloud.com/user-737413817-414451555/rise-107-bpm

Calmness in the air Link: https://soundcloud.com/user-737413817-414451555/calmness-in-the-air-535-bpm

The link won’t play on my browser. Try soundcloud

Thanks criskcracker. I updated both links for the two songs to soundcloud ones .


I like both of your tracks. I would have liked some less synthetic sounding string swells on Rise, and the drum hits don’t seem to have much weight to them. Maybe try adding a bass drum to the ‘big hits’, i.e. the last hit of each build up, so that they have more impact. The piano sound that you have is lovely, but I would say that the arpeggio is almost identical to many other songs that are already on AJ and that could be part of the reason for the rejection.

Calmness in the Air has a very pretty idea and I think the simple melody works well with the swelling string accompaniment. I feel like the metallic sounds that you have used are a little bit piercing and don’t convey very well the calmness which the track is trying to achieve. Something a little mellower might work better. I also think that it’s a bit sparse at times, although I like it that way, but maybe adding some kind of a bass instrument to thicken the sound would better suit Audio Jungle.

These are just my thoughts and suggestions. Over all, I think the quality of your music and mixing is very good.

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Thank you so much for spending the time listening to these and giving your feedback. If I make some changes, will AudioJungle accept it as a new submission? I noticed they said when it was rejected, it couldn’t be sent again but maybe that is only if the track is submitted as is again?

That is a grey area I think. I’ve read different opinions about this on this forum.
Some people say that the rule is that you can’t resubmit the rejected track, end of story. In which case take the advice that you get in the forum for your rejected tracks and apply it to new tracks that you make.
but I’ve also read that it is okay to resubmit, so long as there are sufficient changes which make the track significantly different/better than the original. In these cases I think people write a note to the reviewer explaining the situation and reasons why you think the song is now suitable.

Perhaps someone with more knowledge can advise you on this. Personally, when I get a rejection, I’m usually too lazy to bother improving it. I usually chuck it on another marketplace that’s less strict than Audio Jungle and move onto my next new thing.