Why were deleted part of my files?

Hi everybody,
Can you help to know why Codecanyon deleted part of the main files and only left the documentation.

These is the link of the resource published…

Any help will be appreciated.

What do you mean they were deleted? When someone downloads the item do they only get the documentation?

I would like to recommend you please download the item from your portfolio page and check it from your side. Is there really missing any files? if yes missing then the best solution will be update your item and keep the downloadable zip structure like this:

  1. create a folder named as like your item title
  2. within the above folder create 2 folder 1 for documentation and 1 for the game script
  3. make a zip of the main folder (created in point 1) and upload this one.

Hope will help.

Exactly! All the files were deleted except the documentation.

I already made this and I notice that only left the documentation and the game is not there.

The problem is that the files of this game I dont have it anymore, My laptop were lost.

Please, I will like that the main file were restablished.


Please Contact Author Support immediately and let them know. Support Team may assist you.