Why wasn't this track accepted?

The track: http://www.smallocean.net/tracks/bliss

What’s baffling to me is that I’ve put far less work into arrangement and production into the many previous tracks of mine that got accepted here - this one I actually put a bit more effort into and as a result I think it sounds a lot better than my previous submissions.

Even more bizarre, another track I made that got accepted recently (here: https://audiojungle.net/item/soft-ambience/20143656 ) has more or less exactly the same instrumentation, but slighjtly worse arrangement and production, and the rhythm is more dull and less syncopated (that isn’t even the original version, the version I submitted had horrible muddy bass to it and I’m amazed it got accepted when Bliss didn’t).

Can someone explain what makes the track worse than my other submissions here? Is it due to the vocalised synth, too uncanny valley? I explicitly provided a version without the vocal thing and let the reviewer know in the curator box, if that was the issue it could have easily just been soft rejected so I could simply re-upload the version. Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks!