Why wasn't this accepted?

I thought this was a great song, but they said it “isn’t at the quality standard”


What do you guys think?

Thank you BrownHouseMedia for the new mix



In what section you uploaded it? Ambient or Rock or somewhere else?

if you send me the individual stems I can have a play on it. gballx@hotmail.com

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I think you need to start with a definition of the genre of the track.

I liked it! Post-rock theme

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Hmm imo this song sounds nice man! Maybe you can add more background sounds because somehow it feels a little ‘empty’… good luck man

Cool Idea, the melody is good, but the whole mix sounds a little bit poor and weak. just make the sound more rich, a bit more high frequencies, add background sounds and add some percussion :slight_smile:

I think arrangement is to booring, intro part is very long. Maybe you can try to create more dynamic arrangement and it will be fine. Good luck!

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I think you need to start with a definition of the genre of the track. God bless you!!!

It was uploaded to Ambient

Thank you! This is super helpful :smiley:

Nice track, I am anxious to see if the new mix is accepted!

About to submit it! I can’t wait either :smiley:

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In the audio world everything is relative.
I heard the first release and I like it.
Then I listen to the new mix… and I like it much more!
Yes, probably the intro is a bit too long.
Good luck!

Any word on if the new track was accepted.

Still waiting for it to get accepted
It’s been 18 days

@Sidice I like the track but I think on this can work to have something more atmospheric. At first time I like the sounds, but after a few more listenings I think can work some subsonic effects for this track :smiley:

I am very curios if the remix can be accepted, if yes than GLWS, if not you can try to make more dynamic.

Looks like the new mix was accepted! Congratulations!

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THANK YOU :smiley: