Why wasn't my job accepted???

Why wasn’t my job accepted???

Looks pretty good to me. Did you get a notice saying something along the lines of it not meeting the quality standard?

The main thing I’d change is the slogan font. It’s a nice font, but it becomes a little hard to read when it gets smaller. Because it’s so thin and small, maybe it’d be better to try a sans-serif font, which can pair really nicely to the primary serif title.

One other small detail is that the larger tuft on the wolfs neck looks a little weird, maybe try dividing it into two clumps of fur, rather than one big one.

However, depending on the type of rejection (hard or soft), these small changes wont be enough to allow you to submit it again, you’d need to do a complete overhaul. Maybe try a different style for the wolf to make it more obvious that it’s a wolf, because it sort of looks like it could also be a lion.

Oh and I forgot to mention that you need to also include a horizontal version as well. It’s part of the logo requirements.


hi i think that u have an issue of promotion of illustration and title in the first place. Them, i tend to believe that the typo, as more or less mentioned by Xiox, is sort of “common” and that people here expect u not only to bring some originality to the table so that what u upload brings something new to the marketplace but they also look for combinations also in order to emphasize the hierarchy and at this stage this is lacking here …
i believe that the wolf head is clearly and professionally executed though this is still a bit flat and that would have to find a way to make it more original and outstanding , maybe for instance inspiring of new trees playing much with the pathfinder to withdraw some shapes from some others …
finally i think that it would help u to have even better a result if somehow some way both the illustration and text part were imbricating a bit more …