Why Was This Track Not Approved


Good melodies and arrangement but the sounds used sound cheapish/artificial and the mix is quite dry. Especially the sampled vocal lead which stands out quite a lot in the mix.

Which Samples Should I Improve And By Dry, Do You Mean I Need To Add Reverb??

Yes, exactly. Some reverb and delay. But as it is now. You need to work on the sounds. Either change them out or make them more dynamic. Not sure what you are using, but it occasionally sounds a bit general midi over some sounds. Could be the way they are programmed as well.

I listened to Golden as well and it has the same issues in my humble opinion. Very static and cheapish sounding sounds. The guitars in the beginning sound machine like and the pizzicatos feel a bit unnatural.

Which is unfortunate since you seem to have good songwriting skills.

Sounds a bit like your making the songs on a workstation keyboard?

Yeah, I Don’t Have A Way To Input Velocities Organically. I’ll Try To Make Them More Realistic. Thanks!!

LOL :slight_smile:

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