Why was this song rejected?

If you can spare a little time and listen. I would like to know your opinion, especially those of you more experienced colleagues. I would like to know what is wrong. Thanks!

Hi, in my opinion, the drums (especially kick and the bass sound extremely unintelligible, (which is a buzz there) Everything else seems to be normal :slight_smile: Good luck!

Not badly conceived! The sound solution leaves much to be desired. The sound should be more commercial. Good luck to you! All will turn out!

What do you think defines a commercial sound vs. a non-commercial sound? What might this author do to make this track sound more commercial?

For example, listen to how the top authors sound on AJ. Surely you will immediately hear the difference in sound.Specifically, the sound of instruments in your track, I would like to hear more naturally. Now it sounds just like midi. Probably you need to try other libraries with better sounds or use live musical instruments.

Good luck!

I think the main guitars and stuff sound very “in-line” with other stuff here at AJ, but the low-end bass/drums is very muffled and probably the main cause of the reject.

I do not think it’s a problem with the quality of instruments, but the bass guitar has a distinct melody that is in the polyphony with the main and it is probably difficult to understand the first one.

I agree. Maybe that’s it.