Why was this rejected ?!

A perfectly normal blues-rock track with three variations rejected just like that…Please tell me what you think is wrong with this track:

Imo its too repetitive and rhythm section is too busy and encumbered (too much rolls and fills etc) for a commercial track. Also mixdown is slightly unbalanced and muddy to my ears. For example drums lacks definition and clarity.

I bet the mix is the problem and the sudden end. and sudden start.

All I got in reviewers comment is that it is “way off standards” in both samples and composition ?!
I mean…It can’t be “way off” ?

The part at 0:48 is so cool. But the mix is a bit crowded. Sounds almost live, and yes an intro will do.

Maybe chorus- dobler (fx that you use on solo guitar) was reason of hard reject :confused:

Maybe,but why rude comment than? After 3 years here I guess I would know what is OK and what is “way off”…

I agree with the others, the mix needs some improvement. The kick drum disappears when there is too much going on. The splash cymbal sample in the left channel also becomes too repetitive when you hear it every two bars.

I would also stick to JUST the traditional classic blues rock sound. At 0:46 with the delays it immediately starts sounding like some futuristic mix and doesn’t sound like traditional blues rock anymore.

The playing is also a bit rushed. Not in the groove. Many times you are playing with more of a rushed straight feel instead of locking in with the overall swing feel. Either record again or edit very carefully each note so they are in time. It’s better to be behind the beat than before the beat in this kind of music.

Good track! But solo guitar slighty out of tune.

Exactly, that’s why I provided alternative versions :slight_smile: