Why was this rejected?

Had this one rejected a few months ago but never asked for feedback…

Any thoughts?

Could be more reasons.Some subjective and some not.The sequence tends to be a bit too repetitive( quite paradoxical due to the fact that this is the purpose of ostinatos).The samples you have used seems to be of some poor quality. There are some issues with the woodwinds at the middle part. The basooon i think.There are no clear dissonances ( which might be acceptable for the fantasy genre harmonic triads) but still need to pay a bit more attention to those.If dissonances are controlled by instrument choices and performing will sound pleasant.Otherways no.Or it could be just a subjective point of view of one of the reviewers who listened too many zimmerish ostinatos lately.:slight_smile: Just a joke.
Hope that helps.

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Hey, thank you for the input :slight_smile:

“The samples you have used seems to be of some poor quality.”
Can you tell me which ones?

I’m always looking to use the highest quality samples, but since I usually do electronic music I can’t always tell when a sample library for orchestra isn’t the most realistic or whatnot.

Were you referring to the woodwinds or are those separate issues?