Why was this rejected ? I'd really appreciate an honest answer here please.



So, I’ve been doing this for the past 14 years,

And to get this stupid copy-paste message:


which let’s be honest here, it is very much stupid. No constructive criticism, no nothing, which let’s not forget after a 7 days review time, they basically said “Oh well, you better abort that idea” which I am NOT going to do, it was my thought, found it to be a really cool look for a adventure / wilderness poster, never seen the idea before and then put it on ‘paper’ as they say. Evanto encourages you to give up ( ex: “and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.” end quote ) instead of actually giving constructive proper directions as to how to be approved or why you didn’t, I have 700 items on graphicriver, I can say that I know what it takes to get approved, and to see this, it’s an utter disappointment and confusion. You would reaaaaly think a company this big would have a better, friendlier way to communicate to the authors as to what they did “wrong” (evidently from their point of view). They always said the over saturated content will be harder to get by, but all I see on the front page are club flyers which many look the same, I make something a bit more unique in the context of genre flyers / posters and get booted out.

This is the design in ‘question’

Everything is layered individually for complete freedom of further arrangements, etc.

With that said, I really want your opinions and would be very much appreciated, and of course I am a bit frustrated, this is what I do, this is a part of how I put ‘food on the table’. I’m not new to this, this is not how they should treat authors or members of the community that contributed from the start, brought people in, made money for them. It’s simply should not be the case. But it is.

Thank you for reading this, (this is indeed a problem, not the first time it happened) and waiting for your interesting opinions.



LOL i have had my flyer hard rejected last night i am just a designer for 16 years … the most funny thing is to see some very flat things with nothing inside accepted when my complex flyer was bashed in a second! lol


hi Michael, for me u can still improve some things a bit, like the positioning o the texts … u should move, in my view, the whole creation up a bit, center real life journey between laurels and the main logo in the midland add a bit space between the edge and the footer and for me it will be perfect if u do so …


Looks very good for me. I have no idea why it was rejected. Probably a reviewer in a bad mood.


How’s it going Nico, you were the few honest humans here, I’m sad to see this happening to you as well.

But design should be free, that’s what I intended, I didn’t wanted everything to be centered for a reason. Everything looks the same, now… so what… I should just center and use math to create a ‘perfectly balanced’ thematic, NO! Because this is not that type of idea / design!!! (I’m no yelling at you lol) Just being frustrated at this idea.

It’s dumb… That’s what the beauty of designing should be!!! By making something that is not ‘perfectly aligned’ and indeed shaped by the idea and context of the project. (What the idea wants to express). :frowning_face:

Why would yo have these decisions @Envato ?

How would that (logically) be thought as a rational decision then ? I thought the same (don’t get me wrong) I thought “Omg a reviewer is really angry this time of a day and it gets his frustration on me” but don’t think that’s the case… because if that would be the case they would be fired right ? But at this point nothing would ‘amaze’ me.

I just want to get to the bottom of this, truthful wise, whatever it takes, I still haven’t figured it out why was my project rejected with a nonsense, non constructive copy - paste message after all the work I’ve put into this website.


It also happened to me, even worse. I got hard rejected after 2 soft rejections. Now you can open a ticket and ask for a second review. I do not know if it’s help but in my point of view your work deserve a second review.


My advice is to upload it on another marketplace. I saw your portfolio and you have allot of very good and unique items. Why you keep the exclusivity on? With 700 items you can sell at least on 3-4 marketplaces and double the income easily. And I strongly recommend you to raise the prices. $7 - $8 for a good / unique flyer it is sounds like a joke.


:slight_smile: This is nothing, I had 5 soft rejections on a single item because of ‘miss understanding’ from which party, I don’t know but for sure I’ve expressed myself thoroughly, just for this not to happen, but still did and does.

After those 5 soft rejections I’ve been hard rejected, possibly the reviewer had a bad day again and PLEASE let me put a big parentheses here. {{{ if that happened (a reviewers’s mood can change the review process) of that item / project this affects everything, because there are only a couple of reviewers… }}} with the company not wanting to hire more, diversifying the knowledge of what is a ‘unique’ ‘innovative’ ‘irrelevant’ ‘relevant’ ‘oversaturated’ items / projects etc.

There are only 4 - 5 reviewers on this segment of envato, and I can name them all, I can even name the reviewer that rejected the item in question here, even though that is not ‘showcased’ (but that is not relevant in this context). With that said and repeating myself, why is nobody listening to this and hiring more staff to have a more diversified range of ‘good content’ ? Money ? Ugh… really ? Don’t think so but that would be a ‘ughhhh moment’ (This lack of reviewers problem) persists from 2015 final of the year started and full on 2016+ ) Is nothing ‘new’.

I really had a passion for envato, I know… the IROOOONY!!! :frowning: It really was a great platform before they ate themselves with their decisions. Because of the rates of course, that’s why i remained exclusive, I thought this company would support itself but they seem to only give a crap about Avada (which of course it’s a great item) not hating or anything, don’t miss interpret things (anyone that’s reading this) but they should also focus on individuals that they base their life on this and they are not giving 2 shits about us, only copy-pasting “your item can not be re-submitted”… Making you feel like a moron without talent, yes (that’s the feeling). Let me tell you something, that grinds my gears really bad and I’m documenting this for further research or if it gets deleted for some reason. (At this point nothing surprises me anymore).

Thank you for your replies @DesignSomething Appreciate your feedback, even tho nothing is currently resolved, but working on it and hopefully people with my same situation can chime in and tell their honest stories because nothing can be changed if nobody speaks out.


You have a passion for Envato? Really? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Can’t stop laughing. Sorry but Envato doesn’t seams to share the same feelings for you. I gave up exclusivity long time ago. It is wise do not keep all the eggs in the same basket. This is their business and we have no power here if they decide to close GR one day out of the blue I do not like to be caught on the wrong foot.


Hue huuuuue, right ? I know… But you say “You have” no no… not anymore, I said “I had”. which means past :stuck_out_tongue:

Would you be so kind PM me some alternative platforms to share my content on ?


If anybody else has some opinions as to why my item was rejected and “cannot be re-submitted ever again” please, enlighten me, every comment is appreciated! I will respond tomorrow, it’s 11PM here atm. Going to sleep.


i know buddy and i somewhat agree … but , let me reassure u i think that this is not the reason for rejection … have a look at a whole lot of things being accepted , info is spread everywhere , in all sideways, vertically and so on … this is why is just partly agree with u … what is the efficiency of the kind of item (not yours, do not get me wrong, ok?) when the texts are placed like this … people have to turn the flyer around to see the website , the other side to check the time of the party and so on … this is everything but “user oriented”

i will PM u my rejected creation … u will judge and tell me how u feel if u do not mind …

the main thing that people in charge accept is copies so how to blame some guys to do just this in the end … in my case, i am a very unique case lol i had my original items hard rejected, some guys see them from dribbble , copy them , make lower quality out of them and they get approved with their lower quality copies … but here the focus is on uniqueness , they say lol and i am not even mentioning a guy who had posted my item as such (i still do not know where he could get my item to do this by the way …0

this is art buddy lol all people do not need art but good looking commercial flyers to use … both are required … as there are as many different buyers as buyers lol

well as for me, i have noticed that if the thing is reviewed in nighttime , it almost never makes it … coincidence? lol

no decision can be discussed about reviewing , contacting the help center is useless, in the best case, u get a reviewer in the end and in my case, they managed to justify that the very same design accepted in 4 formats - and selling well in all of them - could not make it with the additional format … when u have some authors posing countless variations of the very same design


the problem is that the other ones u sell squat anyways … most of them are blatant jokes - the main rival working only for a handful of flyer makers that i know - and this is why people get so very frustrated at rejections , because their work , effort and time is trashed …


i had worst again lol 4 soft rejections for a model until i ended up putting a model with an evening gown for a summer party … i also had copycats copying my hard rejected items and having their lower quality “second hand” copies approved


It’s a real shame this website became what it is now.


just hard rejected , i am not sure that this is worth laughing or crying! 7+ days to make such a work, incredible!


u will see i have a guy who copies my style, this author will make a way lower quality version of my item and they will approve it! it happened many times already! but hoooohooo envato is “promoting originality”!