Why was this one rejected?

This is my third rejection in the last month…they seem to be very strict these days. What’s happening?

Hi @KabbalisticVillage. I really like the tune. There are some mix/master things I hear that may have added to the reject:

  • rock organ with echo is distorted in a less-than-pleasing way - like it is over saturated
  • the snap/snare has a “dry” hit on the 2 beat and a very wet reverb on the 4 beat - sounds odd throughout
  • the fadeout at the end probably didn’t help

Just my observations and opinions. Hope it helps :slight_smile:

thanks. Can you recommend some mixing/mastering tutorials?

I have learned a lot from free and paid tutorials over the years - along with trial and error practice. Much of the useful free stuff comes from adhoc video clips I find during searches. One site I subscribe to that has been very helpful to me is RecordingRevolution. Graham Cochrane has many free helpful tutorials on recording and mixing, as well as training packages to purchase. He does not get into mastering as much but his site is a great start.

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In my opinion, the biggest problem is that you can not tell which genre is this, it needs improvement on arrangement, also lack of mixing skills.

I hope this was helpful to you,


Weird sounds, distorted organ/ keyboards patch is not working very well. Tune takes a long time to develop. Maybe start with the feel that kicks in at 1:05. Just re-work it a bit where you have a defined verse/ chorus structure and a melody for those 2 sections. All in all you need to arrange this tune better so it does not sound so repetitive. The bridge at 1:25 works nicely. I’d lose the fade out too. Write an ending. Hope this helps. There will be a use for this kind of tune outside of AJ too (in the event they reject it again)

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