Why was this item rejected?


Is it real crap or maybe an angry reviewer that had to work on Sunday?

Advice on how to make it better would be nice :smile:

Thank you!


Sounds extremely generic to me,nothing worse than a lot of top sellers though :smiley:


That is exactly what I was aiming for, a generic crap that should sell. And am very confused to why it was rejected.


Hi, to me the bass is too loud. And the chord voicings in the piano sounds muddy, maybe move it up one octave or use more open voicings. Otherwise a nice and generic track! :grinning:


If this was b the case, then why not just soft reject instead?


No one can answer this but the reviewer. This was just MY opinion. In my experiences soft rejects are for correcting mistakes in the item description or simple tweaks to the mix. A song that requieres changes to mix and arrangement/performance would result in a hard reject.
The reviewer could of course have a completely different reason to reject this track.


Its better than just generic. I can imagine this music as music for end titles in a B movie. Maybe because its named ‘motivational’. Its not motivational at all,its rather dark and mysterious.


Thanks for your reply MetroMusic. Nothing that a soft reject could not fix :frowning: I had my tracks moved by the reviewer from one category to another, and seen people who’s tracks got renamed by the review team.


Drums are a tad wet for me, ideally should warrant a soft rejection. but I’m not sure how often they are soft rejecting tracks these days. I know my last soft rejected track was soft rejected 3 times until I finally just said, “the hell with this.” :wink:


I haven’t had a soft reject in a while either. Sounds good to me.


Any suggestions? Make the drums dry? I cant just throw this track away can I? :slight_smile:


I don’t know what the reviewers think these days. I had a song on here for about a year, altered the EQ and had it hard rejected on composition grounds!


that’s nothing like a crap indeed, the fact of the matter is that it may not be extremely original but the track is really nice and should have made it in my view, now this is taking us to the same ol’ debate all the time, why some items in the same style make it and some others do not and i identify the frustration of guys who do not make it when some others with no superior quality items have their works for sale, lots of guys feel like there’s a good deal of luck in all this … and in a professional place there should be no place for luck, ether this is in author’s side or the marketplace’s one, even if we identify that having a quality control 100% coherent all the time is kind of really difficult …


u got it right … if they ever have opportunity they will hard reject rather than soft reject as it will decrease queuing , specially at this time when they have been suffering form having lots of soft rejections because they launched self pricing when they were clearly not ready for this , they had not even adapted the upload for before launching , which makes absolutely no sense at all …


I believe when in doubt they reject, instead of the other way.


Sounds okay, but maybe the audiojungle team needs this kind of track to be more than just ‘okay’ nowadays, because of the sheer amount of motivational tracks being uploaded every day.


That would be ridiculous. Not all music is excellent, most of it is just OK


So what is good and what is bad/okay about it? I mean any feedback is good, but frankly talking, I just looked up at the top sellers and pretty much did what they did. But I guess I am not a top seller and therefore my tracks don’t get accepted?


Their songs are all positive,uplifting, based around Major chords,or the same old ‘corporate’ progression. Yours is gloomy,dark. I like it. If I was to change something and reupload again I would focus on drums, they are the weak point in my opinion. Not bad,but since you must change something than change drums. Maybe stereo delay on introductory harmonics.


Hard to say, and maybe I’m not the one who should give you feedback about a track like this, because these kind of tracks are far away from what I normally make.

Three things I noticed:

Sample quality, especially the mallet instrument, seems to sound a bit dated, a bit ‘cheap’. Melodies are fine.

Secondly, the buildup: it is almost non-existent. I was waiting for the track to shift into second gear, but it never happened, which is a shame. There has to be some kind of progression for these kind of tracks to stay interesting to listen to I guess.

Last but not least: Piano chords are in the same space as the bass it seems, makes it sound a bit muddy at times.

Good luck!