Why was the project Hard rejected?

I would really appreciate a correction. I want to do quality work.

Hi. First of all, there are so many social media lower thirds, really too many. And about design and animation your project looks very basic with nothing new to outstand among those many other approved projects.
My humble opinion: watch these already accepted projects like yours that you can find searching on Videohive “social media” “lower thirds”, to see differences between your work and others approved.
Good Luck! :+1:

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Thanks for the reply and advice. But the fact of the matter is that I got into social networks for the reason that I saw fresh projects. And it seemed to me that my idea was fresh. There are no projects in this design.

I can’t understand why many simple projects accept. One gets the impression that there is more demand for new authors.

Well, at the end of the road, the final decision is up to the reviewer. We can just give you some feedback. The important thing is don’t be frustrated and don’t give up, keep working, that’s all

Thank you kind person)


You’re welcome