Why was my template presentation rejected?

Hi everyone, I experienced rejection but this time the notification is less than 24 hours after uploading.
Usually the presentation that I upload is confirmed to be received or not at least 7 days after uploading.

Could you please help me with this problem?

Is my presentation design unsuitable / something else?

Have you placed your slides under “Master Sliders”?


Hmm, I think Must be worked on colors… :slight_smile: Take reference from already approved medical presentation. sort it to “newest” while searching. then try again.

There are some interesting layouts, but it’s hard to tell about the attention to detail from this image.

The bigger issue is when you have things like SWOT, pricing tables etc. in a ‘medical’ design - all things which do not belong in this genre and suggests that it’s based on something else

hi first of all u should try to pay attention at the way things are aligned in some slides, as all is not properly aligned and alignment is a basic design principle indeed, so everything but a good thing to mess with . Otherwise, if I were I would rather opt for traditional theme code colors and replace the yellow with a green so that this is matching the medical thing much more again. Besides style about colors, some elements are gamely lacking contrast until we can feel that u have been violating the concerned basic design principle. This is impacting what u have done very negatively since the lack of contrast prevents u from proving some elements with the right attention, impact, readability and hierarchy. For instance , having icons in yellow color on top of a white background like this is just taking away the good things that these icons could have brought to the table indeed. Pls also keep in mind that this is a template that u have got here and thus people will expect u to arrange everything perfectly , in a very disciplined way since this is a corporate item, too. The fact of the matter is that from one slide to the other the same kinds of contents will need to be placed in similar ways in terms of vertical and horizontal positoning, among other things. The typo is clean but also rather flat , maybe bringing a touch of originality here would help to generate some relief , according to me …

@minterBro Thanks for your advice, I’ll try again in the future. :star_struck:

@charlie4282 It’s okay if some elements such as tables, SWOT etc. have to be fixed again in the future. Thank you for the advice. :star_struck:

@n2n44 Thank you for your input on my very detailed presentation.
In the future I will pay attention to all aspects so that my presentation is worthy of being sold and used by everyone. :star_struck:

it depends on u , do whatever u want with what I wrote indeed, I wrote just this in an attempt to help u … all I can tell u is that most of the people who tell they will do “next time” actually come back here the next time with another rejected item and ask once again why when the reasons are the same in the end … as I mentioned this is up to u to follow or not, to try to rework or not, but I recommend that u try to , to help u to fight against rejections … in any event, have a good work, good luck and if u feel like u have enough clues as regard to what to do with your item, pls check the solution box :slight_smile: