Why was my T-shirt design rejected?

Hello to everyone.

I want to make t-shirt designs but the my first project is rejected.
What do you recommend for a psd file?

I uploaded only a 600 dpi print file

I just want tips

I’m sorry for my bad english

Türkçe yazabilecek varsa sevinirim :slight_smile:

If you want some feedback, you should place the preview of your rejected items here

Thank you for your interest . I am still a student
I want to know where I should pay attention, I’m new in T-shirt design
Such as psd 300 dpi and paper size 1920x1080

The reason for rejection may be not only in technical parameters, but also in design

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Not a big fan of the design, but I do remember reading a while back that the Olympic Rings were out of bounds due to copyright issues. If there’s ever an issue with the DPI or the aspect ratio then you’ll usually get a soft reject with a message on what to fix.

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thanks for your answer.

I checked the logo before I uploaded it, I took courage, from designs that use logo

After that I will pay attention to this

for example