why was my submission rejected

bitcoin logo

I needed to know why my submission was rejected as I created every element from scratch using no external pulgins. I don’t understand things which are a bit vague like not professional because that is extremely subjective, hence I needed some tangible inputs. Thanks in advance

Hi. Sorry for your rejection. In my opinion, the first thing I see is that your animation needs much more work in terms of motion, you need to make movements flow and use “easy/ease” keyframes and edit the “graph editor” curves, so motion will not be rigid as it is right now. On the other hand, design is too basic, if you’re going to make that digital style you have to put more elements and details on screen. Try to watch other bitcoin/digital intros/logos to see the quality level required to get an approval, maybe this helps.
Keep working!
Good luck!


Do you have any references that illustrates your point best ?

It’s not allowed to give reference links from other authors here, because some moderators consider this as promotion. But if you make a quick search on Videohive using “digital intro” “digital logo” “bitcoin” and keywords like those, you will find many examples.