Why was my song rejected?

I released an old song with the instrumental tracks together, and just get the answer that “it not meed the general commercial quality standard”. What is this “standard”? Is something wrong with my tracks on audio quality? Can I resolve that and submit again?
I think hard to believe the music style is relevant at all, once it is a personal taste. So I hope that is not the point. Am I right?

Here is the tracks (original song first): https://soundcloud.com/dipaoli/sets/rain-instrumental-tracks

Your track is very good but still you have to think this is stock music, you need to upload stuff that is going to be used as background for videos, games etc…

Well, I uploaded the instrumental tracks all together. I can understand the original song not being good for a background track, but I can’t see why the instrumental ones still not good enough… If there’s no room for that kind of music on Aj, why give us this tag option and upload it anyway!? I am just trying to figure it out so my next uploads won’t be rejected too.

And thank you very much for your reply and for hear my song!

It sounds a bit outdated, especially the drums are too synthetic for my taste and it generally doesn’t sound too commercial. Arrangement is also somewhat dry and doesn’t have much development, basically like a band demo track, I understand why it was hard rejected. Spend some time listening to best sellers around here, that’s the best advice you can get.

However, if you pick some commercial chord progression and create an acoustic track like “I Still Remember - Remastered” around it and improve your drums at the end(or just keep the live percussion), your track would probably get approved. :slight_smile:

Hi! In my opinion, this sounds very good. The only thing I did not understand is the drums, the rhythm is getting a little out of the cymbals. Yes, I agree with what was said above that this It sounds a bit outdated. Good luck!

Thank you guys for the answer.

I appreciate your descriptions and tips and it is truth that I have used synthetic drums in all my songs. But I am not convenced that is the reason for the rejection, once I heard several other tracks approved with the same features… That makes no sense, like it was a robot making the reviews or someone picking tracks just because he/she “likes”. Audio Jungle should give some more info about rejected files, not just a generic answer.

About the timing: I think I will need other ears to point that for me. Maybe I heard that too many times and just “addicted” to the feel, not perceiving errors anymore… I know the synth drums are far from perfect (using EZ Drummer here), but I never realy think that was an issue. Have you some tips of how to make it feel more realistic? Or what you mean with “improve”? I agree the cymbals are often the worst…

Thank you for the advice!

Hey guys, I’vê been asking some friends about this song and start to understand what you all said. The same things just said another way makes me realize what was wrong.
Just wanted to thank you for the feedback.

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