Why was my site rejected?

I received the rejection message immediately after uploading the site. I think the tracking was online, and if not, what is wrong?

If you got the message literally immediately after you submitted it, then it was most likely because you’ve missed something in the submission form.

Anyway, your demo links do not work, they get stuck on preloader. However, just from looking at your landing page and demo pages screenshots I can 100% assure you this will be rejected even if it get through a proper review. It is very, very far from required quality standards.
Just compare it to some existing items:

If you are up to the challenge then spend next few months working hard on your skills and try again.

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None of the demos load but looking at some of the inner pages via the footer nav - with respect you have zero chance of this being approved and you cannot use trademarked and copyrighted images

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Firstly, thanks for answering, but I have some inquiries
What is meant by identification with branded images. I only used public images and not for people but for products that originally depended on expanding their posting, not limiting their posting,
Second, I tried very hard to design a responsive website
Third - this is a personal hope because I have no previous experiences in business
Is the defect in the full output and marketing offer or a bug?

It’s hard to give proper feedback when the demos don’t load (a guaranteed hard rejection)

Fix that and then we can give more relevant insight

Very sorry - allow me to ask
What is meant by demonstration - can you send us a sample for that?

By virtue of my humble experience in php, I tried to make the site easy to use and I also diversified all sliders and all card - and i also I made each card to display the product separately so that it can be reused anywhere easily and it will be responsive -
Really please person is not a concern for profit now - but it will be useful for me in the future evaluation - what I want is a real evaluation - not now - any time you spawn it - please do not forget me - and thank your effort and your evaluation

I think you are missing the point - https://elhuria.com/el-horia/ loads the links to the demos BUT none of these work.

With respect, your designs are bad.

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im very sorry may by problem from server not able loading
i remove loading now its work
im sorry

im sorry again i well fix some problem slider not work and more thing not work i try fix it thanks for time

i fix some assets link not work now its work

The best advice is to suggest spending time reviewing the popular times already for sale and understand the fundamental features and attention to detail that these offers.

As a starting point (not finite list), and again with respect:

  • The design is really not good and needs rethinking

  • You definitely cannot use product images which will be trademarked/copyrighted

  • Footer layout is wrong with the empty widget to the right

  • Generally, typography (in particular styling, hierarchy and font choice) need a lot of work

  • There are big issues with consistency

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ok thanks

charlie my friend how r u
i need to ask about thing if i have php project pure and i need to upload this project to theme forest you accept that - but this project have a database what can i do
send all project or upload my project to my domain and send you the link