Why was my resume template rejected?

With respect this is wrong on every level.

You should review big selling items to understand the expected standards but will also need to take the time to learn more about design fundamentals

hi sorry to say just that as i see that u have tried to introduce originality in terms of disposition but your item is breaking all the basic design rules … alignment of texts is not ok, mainly. Plus, the typo is not good and your item is quite hard to read indeed … pls try to think about working out your item as all categories are pretty tough now

Sorry to say, Really It’s a poor design :slight_smile:

Hi, Sadlin! As a freelance recruiter, your effort to make your resume as ‘your own’ is very much appreciated. Unfortunately, this won’t work. Aside from your font style, the alignment is also very hard to understand. We look for comprehensiveness. Remember, your resume serves as your ticket to a job interview!
Hope these help! Good luck!

Unfortunately this is not a CV