Why was my Oriental Logo Design rejected?

Hello there fellow designers,

I uploaded my first item yesterday and it got rejected. Does anybody have a possible reason, why this happened?
By any means, there’s always room for improvement and I am the last person, who doesn’t accept criticism, but if I compare it to existing logo templates on GraphicRiver, how does this not “meet quality standards”, when there are designs that go in a very similar direction?

Thanks for any help!

Hi bro
It is so simple
Try make complex item.

no no no :slight_smile: complexity is not the issue

simplicity is in the business now. This logo is just bad, Shape is just… it is just not good, don’t get attention. The font does not fit to the logo.

Read about golden ration - my advice :slight_smile: After you know the magic you can do something simple like nike or apple and get attention on your item (of course do not copy these logos, learn about golden ratio, it is everywhere around you, literally ) :slight_smile: good luck

And also the typography, the typo doesn’t go out with the shapes… That’s my opinion

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You could work on the font and the total proportion. The visual is OK but it’s the total combination that formes a whole.

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the typo is not in keeping with the theme and it does not look harmonious with the shape indeed

the magic that u are talking about is that really magics? i am really not sure lol or is that intensive ad mixed with costly marketing campaigns and people being taught to like them … LOL

there is a whole philosophical discussion about all this … simplicity , minimalism supposed to sell … and typo prevailing … but let me tell you something, tastes are varying gamely and all people are not looking for the same things. IN addition, sales of all US team merchandizing seemed to be really way higher at the time they had the impressive logo printed instead of just written names … i could see waaaaaaaaaaaay more people wearing those apparel than nowadays, so are u sure that simplicity and minimalism really sells and in all cases?

i have to tell you something, i can judge by the flyer category for instance , they almost hard reject all items that are based on compositioning (just like some friends of mine and i do) and accept a lot of flat things or typo based things and guess what is the result? the result is that u search for 4th of july flyer and u find tons of typo based somehow lookalike items and that most of them have no sale at all despite they are given the best exposure ! so are simplicity and minimalism always selling? not so sure … we all know that positioning in the search engines is essential as people do not go through hundreds of pages ad though these items are beiung emphasized extremely well they did not get sales , this means a lot to me …

No this is not magic. Type “golden ratio” in google and you will see. Golden ratio is everywhere around us - even in proportions of your body. :slight_smile:

And we have to be honest - design skills is something you have or you dont. For example, I see some shape (for example square) and if you tell me to cut this square in half manually basing only on my eyes I will do this with max 1 - 3 px mistake.

Not everything is possible to learn - composition, proportions, color combinations… etc.

Golden ratio in quick info :




Remember - Math runs the world. Remember what Elon Musk (Tesla and Space X founder and owner) said - "The chance we are not living in a computer simulation is ‘one in billions’ "

This is something to think, but do not think too long, this is straightway to lost your mind.

peace :slight_smile:

no doubt that part of people’s ability in kind of in their genes and that all people do not have huge natural skills though most of things, unlike what u said can be learnt … for me basically, apart from good taste , there is nothing that cannot be acquired by hard work

as for general theories, yes of course they are the fruit of a long analysis and we cannot say that they are not legitimate , though times are changing and something is pretty true as well, this is that people are liking what they are taught to like … let’s face it if some brands are dominating the world , most of the time that this is not that they are so very superior, but they have a know how when it comes to making people do what they would like them to do , tools of manipulations and dominations are numerous and they are well documented, too