Why was my logo rejected? maybe someone can explain what is lacking in my design. thank you


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please provide a bigger picture

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hi as for me i see 3 main reasons indeed … first of all this is not in a very trendy style indeed, nowadays most of the logos are rather made out of combining shapes (withdrawing or adding or these sort of things) with the pathfinder , your is much more “drawn” … this part leads me to the second issue … as this is more drawn when this is considered in a very small size as they do here , details are running away and the looks are definitely not as convincing anymore … finally, the typo maybe clean for other places but i doubt that u ever have a logo accepted here with such a “common typo” … u need to introduce originality, variations and / or combinations of fonts

Can I repair it and upload again ?

Try removing the text and uploading it as an illustration. Like what n2n44 said, it has too many small details to work as a logo.

Personally I really like it, and I think it would work well as an illustration.

in the illustration category there is another logo sub-category, what is the difference between the logo in the illustration and the logo template category

There shouldn’t be a Logo sub-category under the Illustrations category when you’re submitting.

The first Upload Category you select should be “Graphics” then you scroll down to where it says “Category & Attributes” then in the Category dropdown menu, scroll down to “Illustrations”, then you’ll see a few options there, non of which are logos. I’d recommend either “Scenes”, “Animals”, or “Miscellaneous”, whichever one you think fits it best.