Why Was My Item Rejected?


Hello everyone) I am very interested to receive feedback and to understand the reason why Audiojingle rejected my track - https://soundcloud.com/ivanzharov/inspiration/s-UK5p9 , thanks in advance for the answer))))


My guess…timing issues. The parts don’t seem locked in together. All a bit loose to my ears. I like the opening harmony though. Nice changes. Also, it’s possible that AJ might be starting to reach saturation of tracks all called ‘Inspiration’. That’s my quick thoughts :slight_smile:


It can be harmony also, even though it sounds cool. Just maybe it’s kinda too advanced for this genre. :wink:


i agree with Revturkey, the rhodes piano is a bit off the grid. also that high synth is kinda annoying in my opinion. keep on working and you’ll get it all approved :wink: good luck!)


Thank you guys for the advice, I will work to produce better and better. However, also want to hear something from Audiodjingle curator (in my post)


My guess is that AudioJungle reviewers don’t have the time to explain the precise reasons of a rejection by email or in forum posts. It would be cool to get some official feedback sometimes, but the review queue would grow a zillion miles long if they were sharing in-depth comments for all rejections.

I liked the track, but I think the chords choices are maybe a bit too off the grid for this marketplace. Best of luck with your next submissions :slight_smile:


Check out some of those higher tones you have going on and consider either bringing them down in the mix or rolling off some of their higher end. Also changing up the chord progression behind the lead part might help. I personally like what you have going on but for commercial use something more straight forward might suit this track nicely. Good luck!


Many Thanks)


it’s very eclectic, the notes create a very uncomfortable feeling which can be cool for certain videos, but “Inspiration” is usually tied to soft comforting smooth background tacks. The kick sounds good in the mix, and the master is nice, but yes @Revturkey had it correct, the parts are not locked together.

Check out the top ten rejection reasons webinar from AJ it is fantastic!