Why was my item rejected?

This is my first time using Codecanyon. This is my first installation. I have read the necessary documents, made arrangements according to the document.

It was rejected :slight_smile:

frontend: https://envato.argethink.com
backend: Login - admin@gmail.com / 123456

What path should I follow?

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Hello friend ,
I tried to do a simple review of your project. It seems to me that the registration information for the admin panel is not working or it is wrong.

Note: If you have attached this registration information when submitting a project, this may be the reason for the rejection.

The reviewers must access your entire project and evaluate its quality. All of you must verify the information you attached to the registration

Here my try :

  1. 2022-03-21-22-28-22
  2. 2022-03-21-22-28-32
echo "I wish you a successful and beautiful work, more success.";

Thanks for your comment. The credentials : admin@gmail.com - 123456 is working. Please try it again. @Scappy

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Hello, yes I was finally able to login.
I’m not sure, but I think the reason for rejection is quality which is the most reason for rejection. I saw your project, you did a great and wonderful job, but I think that if you improve the design more and make it more modern, with more features, maybe it will be accepted.

I noticed that the user features are limited.
With the possibility or somewhat wonderful features of the admin panel, be sure to add new features to the user and link them to the admin panel, and be sure to also look at two new rather rare features. This helps you to be unique from others and thus a greater percentage of acceptance from reviewers.

Unique Features:

1-Possibility to modify designs from the admin panel.
2-The feature of the registration and subscription process for the user.
3-Unique and modern design, with your own touch.

Popular features:

Add a feature that can create new pages such as “WORK”, “TEAM” etc…

My humble review of the possible reason for rejecting your project:

I see that your project is relatively small to some extent, compared to other codecanyon projects.

All you have to do is just add more work and some extra effort to add new features (make sure it’s from the users side) and also try as much as possible to make your great project as unique as possible, and maybe if you try more to improve the design maybe better.

I was happy trying to help you, and I really hope to see your project on codecanyon, all the best.

$bye = "good luck :)"; 

echo $bye;
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Thanks for your precious comments. I noted down what you said, I’ll try again. :slight_smile:

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Is it solved or not?

If you have any suggestions, please share. @jhonalbert48

@argethink have you tried some new features in it?

I added new features such as Partners, pages, newsletter, bulk email, dynamic color changing, cookie policy. @jhonalbert48

Was it accepted already?

I haven’t updated yet. @EZCode