Why was my item rejected?


This is the second web template that I submit and gets rejected; IDK about the reasons at all and I’m oblivious why it was rejected this fast:

This is the live preview:


Could you please shed some light?
Thank you.

Hello. Such a design will never be approved. I did not look at the code. Try working with a designer.

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If you can shed some light on obvious design problems I will be thankful.

I don’t want to upset you, but this design is useless. Everything is bad in it. Sorry, but it’s true. Compare your template with those sold on the market. Don’t you see the difference?

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WIth all due respect but this is very, very far from required quality standards. Just to point one, most obvious issue - the way how scrolling/moving between sections works is extremely chaotic and it will make any visitor leave the site immediately. But even that aside, this design breaks probably all design principles. You should spend much more time studying and practicing before your next submission.

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