Why was my item rejected?

This is my item which I submitted to Auidojungle and which became rejected soon. I would like to get some feedback on what to improve for it not to be rejected afterwards. Here is the link:


Why was rejected?

I have no intention of offending the author but it’s the worst song I’ve ever heard.

This sounds like someone’s joke, I hope I’m not wrong.:rofl::rofl::rofl:


What exactly is that awful? Do you mean the quality of the sound or the music(the harmonies and the notes) itself?
Sorry for bothering you over such a piece of rubbish.

Sometimes, there is a very thin line between a musical disaster and a really inspired track. If you deliberately choose to write a chiptune arcade music, you need to do till the end.Go 8 bit. Rename it accordingly so the reviewer understands that the lofi quality is a deliberate choice.Cheers.Fun track😀

Not a joke.I am assuming you heard about the spitfire Westworld competition.Thousands of composers submitted their music for a cue in Westworld show, still the winner was a guy who was thinking outside the box.Despite the thing that the show is a great one, and the cue was an sf/action hollywood typical movie, he wrote some 8bit chiptune music. Is awful and amazingly inventive in the same time.Hilarious. Check the link below.


For me, the winner of the Spitfire contest is an amazing soundtrack but this track is not the case.(I repeat I have no intention of offending the composer)
It’s something that can’t be compared!!

Cannot agree more.But i am trying to be condescendent , not too judgemental. I cannot judge the song from the musical point of view. Too subjective and sensitive.