Why was my item rejected

Hello friends I have an item that has been rejected several times in a row, and the reviewer does not provide me with any more detailed information on the problem, I really do not know what else to do.

link to the product: http://demos.coyotewp.com/prev-next/
We have a FREE version here https://wordpress.org/plugins/prev-and-next-lite/

any tips?



  1. You can’t sell any free item as it is even the free item is your own.
  2. In your demo I can see prev next plugin active in all pages where the plugin should active in post details page.
  3. For getting approve you have to add premium features than free common features.


Thanks for your comment, I think that it must have really been a failure to communicate with the reviewer, I just did not explain anything, I’ll send the plugin again and now I’ll provide more details