Why was my item immediately rejected with NO SOFT REJECT first?

I have designed over 20 tickets on Envato with relatively good sales, and have never once been immediately rejected. I have however been soft rejected in the past because of a layer I forgot within a PSD or a picture I forgot to remove from a sale file.

Minor stuff. Always corrected in the end.

Unfortunately today, this file (See attachment) was rejected without a usable explanation. The obviously automated rejection mail said my item wasn’t of good quality, but a simple check around the site led me to countless poorly designed tickets. I believe the absence of concrete explanation makes it impossible for me to adjust my mistake in the future.

Do you guys know of a way to ask for more explanation from Envato? Or do I just walk in at the office in Melbrn?

The standard required for an item to be accepted, gradually increases over time, so unless the ‘poorly designed’ tickets you’ve seen are very recent, you can’t really compare them. I’ve had a look at your portfolio, and personally, I think this ticket is pretty poor compared to your other items. Some of your other items are great, very modern yet classy and stylish… this one, I’m not a fan. Seems too simple, a bit messy and I’m not liking the colours or the fonts.