Why Was My Item Has Been Rejected? Please help

This is my own concept and I think this color combination is aslo fine and every object are well align.
But why graphicriver rejected it. Where is m y mistake please anyone tell me.
Thank you.

with all due respect to you and your design,
I think this card design is very common? I have seen a lot of work like this from my friends they all got rejected too.
Goodluck with future submissions

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well , if so then all cards have already been seen and thus none should be accepted … as for me i think that the major problem is that the originality he brought into it is also limiting the commercial potential of the card … as he almost limits the item to canada-related companies …

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This business cards corporate style was has been rejected many many times. If you search the forum you will see many topics with similar rejected designs. Try to think out of the box and be more creative. Forget the Corporate Business Cards try to create cards for small businesses like restaurants, fitness, pet shop etc

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