why was my item has been rejected again

why my business card template rejected again

The main reason is likely because of the overall far too basic and standard design that’s been done thousands of times before.

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hi indeed u have a variety of reasons why the item was rejected according to me … let’s get started
1- global style
indeed, in the end, there is no so much graphic design here , this maybe a choice to opt for minimalistic but in the end, this is also difficult not to get kind of close of what someone has already offered in these styles, too and not to provide something generating a feeling of deja-vu, too
2- lack of originality
well this is the direct consequence of what i was explaining above , u do not really bring anything fresh here and most importantly u get , because of the choice of such a style into something “generic” which is not so much adapted to the market today , as the market has changed dramatically over the time and nowadays bringing something generic like this is more th guaranty to have the item instantly drown rather selling well , like what happened in the past …
3- color combinations
for me this is definitely not the bets choice that u could have made , i will further deal with this in the next point but what i want to add in this section is that it would have been way safer to opt for complementary colors, theme code colors or shades of the same colors to insure harmony of color combinations
4- contrast
usually people are likely to face this problem with texts, in this case , u could avoid this very well but indeed, having “sections” of the card in dark grey and dark blue indeed makes the differences blowaway and end up flattening all the design a bit more , while u are already suffering from a global lack of originality here , pls see next point
indeed, though once u are on the verge of violating the contrast basic design principle all the same for the web address … this is not contrasting enough there and this makes a rather important element far from springing out enough , this is easy to fix though but , at this stage , this is critiquable all the same
5- typo
this lack of originality that i have just referred to is also much visible in the typo part … if the global content is rather clean about it, this is still flat and lacking relief globally and lacking some touches of fantasy or originality to catch the attention a bit and bring some additional value to the table in the process …
6- hierarchy
as i am dealing with relief this is necessary to evoke that u have made a few choices likely to make the global hierarchy rather confuse. Using caps fro the tagline of the logo when u are not for the main text, ie: name, this looks strange. Apart form this, the function is not popping out that over much and looks like sort of “on the same level” as the general information
7- commercial potential
look, when u think about it this way , there is little graphic design here , the card is in a similar style as many others already in the market for years and the content that u have is not perfect so hard to imagine that the card could make it in one of the toughest categories in my view - logo and cards have a lot of people to submit there as they feel like maybe they can make a lot of money without working super hard and spending much time on their items - and through a reviewer seeing a rather low potential in the item , as well …