Why was my flyer template rejected?

My template has been rejected and I’m not sure why. Can someone please help me this is my first product I’ve tried to upload to envato.
I titled the template “Times Out - Boxing MMA Wrestling Flyer Poster PSD Template Pack”
I tried uploading it to print templates.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Times-Out---Facebook-Cover Times-Out---Instagram Times-Out---A3-preview

hi this is rather cool but honestly u have some real work to do about the typo and trying to make sure that texts are being more outstanding , more popping and catch the attention …
globally the footer looks too much like a block if u ask me … u should cut the “compilation effect” by putting , for instance, the date on a golden-like rectangle and write in black on top of it …
u should also emphasize “champion vs contenter” and if i were u i would introduce fake names instead … or keep like this but introduce names in addition …
the fake logo is hurting much the preview, u need to have a fake one which would be professional and oustanding and serving the design rather than decreasing the impact of what u have done