Why was my first item rejected?

This was the first item I submitted and it was rejected. Can you provide some feedback? I would appreciate it very much


Well, almost everyone’s first track is always a failure ! well, there is clearly the drums sound very dry , very poor mixing , and this is a Christmas song , and you make her out to dry Christmas hip hop …

Thanks for the fast reply. Can you suggest some plug ins to use, and can you explain your phrase “the dry drums” (what does it refer to and how to correct it?) Thank you very much

Hi friend,
I’m sorry but your track is lack the professional tune. Please make your drum more tight (quantize) or using drum loop. Make your track more contrast and exciting. You have the theme. It’s good. Try to get rig of the drum and see how it sound. Hope you make better track and get approve.

Thanks, every comment is more than welcome. I use VST instruments 99% over midi keyboard. I also feel that the drums via presonus (VST) don’t sound right.

How can I improve the drums? Do you have any suggestions?

Maybe you can download some free midi pattern on the internet. They have tone of it. Google it for your grooves.

Thanks friend :wink: