Why was my design rejected?

Hello my friends!
I recently submitted a UI template and unfortunately it was rejected but I don’t know why.
Can someone help me and explain the reason?
Thank you very much

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I looked at your template and I think it works better for WordPress than for UI Design. I think your reviewer rejected your design as it might look too simple and a bit dated.

I would focus primarily on colors and typography. I think here is the biggest problem because the text is too black, maybe try changing it to a little lighter, dark gray? The serif font seems too infantile for this project. I think it would be better to make a few variants with a serif and a sans serif font and see what it looks like.

Additionally, check the spacing between elements and for leading. Leading is too large and the distance to some elements is too small which may look strange.

Your headlines and other texts are the same everywhere. You duplicate the same component and do nothing with it. A reviewer finds such techniques boring, and a designer who makes a template in this way is considered lazy.

You can leave the logo itself. If I were you, I would analyze the fonts in the headers. Change it to a different cut.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your feedback.
In fact, I wanted to convert the UI Design into a WordPress theme after the approval of this template, but I think that the acceptance of the UI Design is much more difficult than the acceptance of the UI in WordPress themes.
Do you think I should edit this UI Design and convert it to WordPress, is it accepted?

Welcome back,

if you want to convert this template to WordPress then i see no problem. Acceptance for UI Templates is not required before converting to WP.

Anyway, when converting to WP, I would also try to follow what I wrote above.

I think you can try to create WP without the changes and my suggestions, but the project may also be rejected, although it may also be technically due. I don’t know exactly how the WP review works because I don’t do such things, but you have to try.

Good luck :slight_smile:

I don’t think it would get accepted as WordPress as the WordPress design requirements are higher than other categories. Apart from that, I’m pretty sure I could find similar themes on the blog category - which your design is not bringing anything new to the marketplace.

My suggestion, do not waste your time for WordPress.

The key for the approval is better design.

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