why was my design rejected? please feedback, this is my 11th design that was rejected

Hi @Rhends, sorry to hear your item got rejected. The design though, is very basic and there are many items available even for free online, that are similar. The layout is also pretty basic and non-special. Thus, it will be hard to get approved on Envato.
The typography needs improvement - there is not enough hierarchy between the elements. There should be more emphasis on the event date for example.
You have grammar mistakes in the few places where “lorem” is not used - this in itself can be a reason for rejection.
I would suggest that you research more before submitting an item - take a look at what is trending, make yourself familiar with the standards (design and layout wise) for similar items, otherwise the result will still be the same.

hi well i understand how hard this is to have your work rejected when u probably did your best … but the thing is that it doesn’t matter how many u post and have rejected … if none of them is reaching the standards and / or bringing anything to the table, well … they will be rejected , this is already what happens more and more with very fair items to say the least so if u bring thing too simple, too flat or whatever , the chance to have anything approved decreases gamely indeed
the problem is that what u have here is globally tasteful but clearly not super original and , as u may know, with such a saturated markets where thousands of items used to be added , the king of thing u have created here seems like “deja vu”
apart from the style, u still have a good deal of things to fix or improve in my view
1- too simple style , see above
globally the graphic design part is quite limite , sort of limited to some small geometrical shapes and a big picture and vignettes that are not even supposed to be included in the item, so in short , in case the thing would have been accepted and some had bought, they would have felt that they would not have had “bought much”
2- commercial potential
as regard to the things explained above, i think that this is legitimate to say that there would be a great deal of people feeling like doing on their own, saving money rather than spending without saving too much time in the process of buying …
3- hierarchy
u should be able to ave primary and secondary texts identifiable in a glance, to have all the most important details prevailing and being outstanding in the middle of the rest and at this stage , what u have is not convincing enough yet, a good example is the date , not being necessarily well positioned in the first place and being clearly not given the relief that it deserves …
basic info are what? where? when? and all the considered information should be popping out and noticeable indeed
4- spacing
the partition between both paragraphs / blocks in the left side looks not appropriate , surprisingly bigger than expected as regard to the fact that u have only two lookalike block
5- alignment
at this stage , u have to adapt the content in order to make sure that all is perfectly aligned, and right now, u have a both block in left and right side not being aligned at the bottom
same goes with the qr code, the paragraph next to it should be aligned vertically so that the thing looks better and completely well arranged if u wish
6- text decoration
as for me i am a great fan of block of texts not being aligned in both sides just like what it should for blocks, especially when u have this in one side and not in the other one, which brings misbalance to the table indeed
7- logo
if i were u i would invest time to try to create a decent fake logo in an attempt that this is making your whole creation look even better rather “even flatter”
8- logo positoning and z-shape reading
as regard to the usual way the eye is sweeping across a document, the positioning of th logo is not the right one and should better be either in the top left corner and the bottom right one …