Why was it rejected

http://quaint.atlasresponsivetasarim.com/html/ why this theme is rejected . I have not been able to get approval for my zero html templates I have made since 3 years ago.From 3 years until now no own zero html templates have been approved . http://preview.themeforest.net/item/clean-portfolio-site/full_screen_preview/35264 How can you see it forward with this themeforestin how can a quality team approve a disgusting theme. Very strange . What do you care about. There is no contact address, no address of the goods responded to… They do not even communicate to avoid the insults of people . Direct to forum

https://themeforest.net/item/maven-portfolio/48419?s_rank=186 an empty url has been approved

there are multiple very empty .

There are very incompatible themes in this way. The approval of these disgusting themes when doing our own themes. Abandoning people

Hi there:

Your design is good but I think that you typography too small.


What’s the connection?

This seems to mean one of 2 things:

  1. you are selling it elsewhere and one of the most established authors on a competitor site. This would mean that you are breaching both the other site AND envato’s exclusivity rules and would not only be an immediate rejection but likely a ban.

  2. your demo is just a rip of someone else’s work. Needless to say, there is no room for people who do that here as it is illegal and beyond disrespectful to both envato and other authors.

FYI comparing ‘your’ items to two alternatives that were approved almost a decade ago is pointless.

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The html designs I have made from scratch were rejected earlier. . But this was a product I bought privately from the other firm . It is my right to evaluate the product I buy as I want. I do not believe that having this right is disrespectful. . I did it myself. The html is rejected even when I submit using zero codes. .they endorse silly designs.

Is there a tool that examines html codes . Is there a way you can give me even if I make a zero theme today

I am removing this theme. . I think I will make another html from scratch I will send it again. I believe that if you explain the most effective way of doing this, it will be useful to get me the approval

It’s not about the most effective way. It has to be entirely your own and original design and code.

You can’t buy someonelse’s design on envato or any other marketplace and just upload it here.

Aside from it being illegal it is simply a waste of both yours and everyone else’s time