Why was illustration rejected?

The question is resolved, the topic is no longer relevant, please delete

Your illustration is pretty good but looks old, maybe not what the current market needs, try to make it more modern and easy to use in various design sessions. Here are some interesting design references currently on the market, use them as your next design reference llustrations

Thanks for your answer.
Yes, I draw in the style of retro / old school / engraving.
Not a trendy trend, I agree. But is it a problem?
But did all old-school customers die out with the dinosaurs? :slight_smile:
And what about of these for examples?
Or these

Of course that’s not the concept, of course all works will always be interesting for a certain market. But I think that the current market TREND is something that is flexible and modern, and if the work is rejected then it is the final decision from various considerations of standard and quality. :thinking:

Got it, thanks again for your opinion.

With pleasure, you should also accept that the decision is final, and respect the decision of the review team. Keep the spirit and keep working friends :beers:

No problem, buddy, it’s okay! :handshake:
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