Why was denied ?

hi this is cute and rather funny but I see several problems with what u have here … First of all the global style is rather flat and this decreases the commercial potential of the item , as it makes it easy to redo. If buyers do not identify that they can save time by buying they would rather not … people would rather do their own version of the item I assume … plus , what u have at this stage does not guaranty the second reasons for buyers to buy, that is to say to offer something that goes way beyond the personal skills of the buyer as this is still a bit simple and flat, so why buying ? and why accepting the file if the logo is felt as having a rather low potential … this is just for the “buyer or commercial potential consideration”.Otherwise, the fact of the matter is that for a template this is not done to put the illustration in between the text like this. I understand why u did , to make sure to imbricate both parts, which is rather good in a way , but the problem is that imbricating this much for templates is not done, people expect u to offer proximity but not to have both parts cutting each other so to speak … I also personally think that the typo could really be improved by selecting a font matching much more in the first place and if the typo was more elaborated introducing more font combo, variation and possible touches of originality … typo is a major issue here in GR , no matter where u are posting … finally think that using a mockup is good as long as the mockup values your work and , If u ask me, this is not what happens here , pls keep in mind that the preview should be outstanding and “sell your item and work” …

thank you for your comment :slight_smile:

u are welcome if u have enough clues as regards to what to do pls check the solution box , thanks, good luck and good work :slight_smile: