Why was denied ? (LOGO)




hi , first of all, welcome to gr and envato forums
actually, u have many issues to deal with indeed. first of all your logo is made with too many details, here the logo is considered in a very small size and , as a result, it appears that details are either looking not good or not seen at all , deoending on what we are considering. In addition, mixing the name and illustration for a logo meant to be sold in a marketplace this is definitely not a good idea to say the least, as your item will lose attractivity in terms of marketability …
in addition, colors are too “raw” if u ask me , introducing some smoother ones or maybe gradients would take you logo to the next level.
the typo is not very attractive in my view and not really harmonious with the rest , according to me and u failed to add a tag line, which is a requirement here , so that u also fail to combine fonts between title and tagline, hence the fact that your name looks flat, too

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Thank you very much. :slight_smile:


u are welcome buddy, keep doing your best and no doubt that approvales, sales and so on are right in the corner :slight_smile:


Aside from the technicalities, it also looks like the balloon is blowing up a bit. The angle and dispersion of the corner panels has the sense of bursting and flying down.

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yes he did so refer to pixels as for i could understand, the problem is that this is not obvious for everyone and that a lot of people may fail to realize about it …

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Yea, I understand it’s supposed to be pixels, but with the way it looks right now, whoever is in that balloon probably isn’t having a good time haha.




LOL the crash on the way lol