Why this was rejected? 😑

I came back recently uploading for audiojungle, one song was accepted, the other was not, what’s going on? what’s the problem

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maybe it was because of the “stand out” of the notes in the piano , I had a problem with the noise that overlapped with the sustain pedal attached, so I had to add re pedaling to whole piece, probably some of the notes have changed their character, or even become louder than normal


That’s a great composition but to me there is a strange volume balance at different moment,
Volume become really low at 0:57, I also have the feelings that your Impact is clipping a bit ?

And Then when the piano is back, it took all the place, so to me it’s not a question of composition, but more about volume balance

I also hear some frequency fight at some time at 0:48 for example,

So the whole miss a bit of linearity in term of volume, and maybe it miss a bit of more definition on some of your instrument, to make the whole clearer

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So in your opinion the piano notes do not stand out some times too much, + the rising piano noise and re-pedaling also sounds ok?

Mix volume level and dynamic range is similar to music from a competitor’s larger platform, which is why audio is not as clean as it is in audiojungle fashion, but spectrally it is practically identical to songs from another prembeat :joy: (there is no competior mention here so please don’t ban me)

the only thing that annoyed me and I could hardly finish this song was just a bug from the piano library, when the sustain pedal was on all the time, the noise increased to a level of around -20 db, so I had to do repedal whole piece which I usually don’t do, I will wait for other opinons, thank you

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Also now Im hearing it, especially during the intro, like mechanical noise , on the left side !

But yes, I’m probably not the best qualified to talk about this kind of music, but no worries, composition is great, if it’s just a question of volume or some sound, I guess it’s not the most hard to change or to make evolve, ! :slight_smile: Good luck !!!

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I definitely can see the direction of the song and what it’s trying to do so good work. I think overall that the strings don’t sound of that high quality and sound a little flat, so not enough expression in performance. Some of the high frequencies in the strings spiccatos/pizzicato sound a bit scratchy aswell. Some frequencies I find are not blending so well with others.

Constructively I’d say, when doing string performances in orchestral works, focus on thinking like a string player and play the instrument with more expression. It’s really not a bad composition but sometimes the smallest details make the biggest difference.

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thank you, you don’t hear any problem in the piano, sustain pedal re-pedaling to minimize the rising noise level + you not hearing this too expressive notes, e.g. at 0:07, 0:21 and a strange loudness jump in 2:17???

I also understand that programming solo performance could be more expressive but these are the details, especially here on audiojungle, I will try to find a similar sounding piano library to the current one which I used, without any bugs so that the performance was on an equal level of expression without any breakout and i will resubmit this piece.

I still want to believe that the problem is the velocity jumps of individual notes on the piano, the rising noise from sustain pedal and the problem with automation volume jump in 2:17, but none of you even noticed it :rofl: i dont understand …