why this track is hard rejected, please?? Can some one explain this ..

Can I resubmit Hard Reject Track with modification and correction …
Here is the tracks




Hi Rishabh, nice work on these tracks, there are some really cool creative things happening! I’m not entirely sure what genre some of these will fall into at AJ…but that’s probably a good thing :slight_smile: For what its worth, here are a few thoughts:

TRACK 1: The middle section with piano sounds like it might be distorting/clipping and definitely over-compressed. Although I don’t see that in your audio file graphic. Maybe you’re pushing a limiter too hard? Or inputs on another plugin?

TRACK 2: Again, nice creativity! I think the Chorus at :41 gets a little cluttered when the elect guitars come in. Maybe pan those off to clear up the mix? I would cut a bit of 8kHz…mix gets a little harsh at times. DEFINITELY remove the fade out! Pretty sure that will get you rejected every time.

TRACK 3: Love it, nice work man! If anything, I sometimes lose the tone in your bass at times, and maybe just a cut a little 8kHz again to decrease harshness.

TRACK 4: This one sounds pretty harsh in the high mids and highs. Also not feeling enough low end. Nice vibe though!

TRACK 5: Sounds good to me!

TRACK 6: Although this is a cool piece of music, I don’t think this is very “marketable” on AJ. I would pick the mood before 1:15 or after 1:15 and write a track of just that mood. Again, just my opinion!

You are really talented, and your music is refreshing to listen to! Best of luck here on AJ!



Thanks a lot…Can I resubmit this track with modification and correction …

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Sorry, I completely thought these tracks were soft-rejected. Unfortunately you cannot re-submit tracks that have been hard rejected: https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/204067134-Rejected-Items#what


thanks :slightly_smiling:

Some great feedback by SpinTone. Actually though, you can resubmit hard rejected tracks provided they are significantly different from before - improved mix, improved structure, new instruments / sections etc. You can’t resubmit unchanged tracks (if you do you risk your uploading rights being revoked), but if you’ve honestly improved each track significantly, there shouldn’t be a problem. :wink:

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thanks a lot … :slight_smile:

Thanks for clarifying, AurusAudio. That’s interesting because this statement from the Help Section makes it sound like it has to be a new animal:

“The number of changes required to the design and features of the item, will mean it’s considered to be a completely new item and entirely distinguishable from the first upload.”

But I understand also “letter of the law” versus “spirit of the law.” :wink:



You’re right, and in most cases, unless the item is significantly altered / improved, it would definitely not be allowed.

However, I’ve witnessed several examples where authors’ rejected tracks were accepted after making ample improvements to the item. Don’t hold me on that, but I think there is some leeway, especially if the item proves to be a useful asset to the marketplace :wink:


I think your music is cool. Very fresh and original. Not quite background music sounding. If you put lyrics and singer will make a great songs.
Just my opinion. Sorry can’t help much.

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Thanks :slightly_smiling:

Really want to Thanks again to SpinToneMusic for suggestions …after that …now my 5 music track is approved :slightly_smiling: thank you thank you so much

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Excellent! You deserve it, best of luck with sales! :grinning:

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What a nice story with happy end. :slightly_smiling:

So you both made a great job. SpinToneMusic as well as rishabhnag. :+1:
I’m curious and will listen to the approved tracks now.

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Thanks :slight_smile: everyday I am learning new things here and this is never ending and exciting for me…

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